About Zavarovalnica Sava

Company name: Zavarovalnica Sava, zavarovalna družba, d. d.

Registered office Cankarjeva ulica 3, 2000 Maribor

Telephone number: +386 (0)2 233 21 00, 080 19 20

E-address: info@zav-sava.si

Number of employees: 1,404 (of which 434 agents)

Number of business units: 9

Number of representative offices: 9

Number of agent offices: 86

Number of external agents (s.p. and LLCs): 58

Year of registration in the Court Register: 2016

Court Register of the District Court of Maribor: Reg. Entry 1/03762/00

Company Registration Number: 5063400

VAT ID: SI44814631

Share capital: EUR 68,417,377.44

Authority responsible for insurance supervision:  Agencija za zavarovalni nadzor (Insurance Supervision Agency), Trg republike 3, 1000 Ljubljana

Ownership structure

Zavarovalnica Sava is organised as a public limited company and it is 100 % owned by Sava Re, d. d.

The Supervisory Board includes representatives of shareholders and employees.

Zavarovalnica Sava is a 100-percent owner of the insurance agency ZS Svetovanje, d. o. o.


Our mission is to take a good care of a continuous progress and create as high quality of life as possible. This is the only way enabling our employees and our policyholders to develop their potentials in a safe manner. This goal can only be achieved through professional and committed relations with customers, business partners, and the environment, while complying with the highest standards.

Zavarovalnica Sava relies on its people and, as the second largest insurance company in the region, we are aware that insurance goes far beyond an insurance contract. It is a relationship, which needs to be mutually respected and nurtured in order to become a lasting and stable partnership providing the feeling of security.


We are creating a modern, society-oriented, and sustainable insurance company.


In Zavarovalnica Sava, customers are placed in the heart of all our activities, and we develop high-quality and competitive solutions to meet their needs. We provide high-quality services and manage risks effectively, which makes us one of the most trusted companies in the industry. Being a united European insurance company, we have our business system organised in a transparent and modern way, providing high-quality services and long-term development.


We are an understanding and trustworthy partner. We listen to each person and deeply engage in a relationship, as we know that even small things can make difference. By ensuring stable and secure operations, professional competence in our employees, and by taking care of the quality of life in individuals and communities, we want to be a constant in the lives of our partners, customers, and employees.


In Zavarovalnica Sava, we will take care that you will never be alone, because through our commitment and efforts, we are paying back to the environment where we operate, giving special attention to the most vulnerable.

Companie's values

Our philosophy „Never alone“ is a strong promise given by the Insurance Company, providing a basis to develop social responsibility and introduce it into all layers of our operations, especially in relation to our policyholders for whom we will always be there. We are aware that we cannot guarantee life without problems; however, we will strive for the society with less concern.

We adhere to the Company's values in all areas of our operations. We are living them under the tagline „Never alone“, both in relation to our employees and externally, to our customers and the environment where we operate.

Our values are:

  • Respectful, fair and honest attitude,
  • Professionalism,
  • Ethical and transparent operations,
  • Accessibility and responsiveness,
  • Responsibility.

About the merger

A new promise

By establishing a merged Insurance Company, we created a new, modern, digital, society-oriented, and sustainable Insurance Company.

New times

The merger resulted in the second largest insurance company in the region, which will introduce change in the insurance industry, keep pace with the time, and adapt the industry to the needs of an individual and the society.

Benefits of the merger

By combining knowledge and experience, we provide our policyholders with numerous useful novelties and benefits.

  • More business units, more damage assessment places, throughout Slovenia.
  • Advanced services providing policyholders with extremely simple and user-friendly operations.
  • Even greater stability and reliability of the Insurance Company.

Changes without shocks

The merger will require no change for policyholders of all merging insurance companies.

  • Your insurance policies will remain in effect until they expire.
  • We will expand the sales and service networks.
  • All insurance renewal and taking out procedures will remain the same.
  • The new brand is based on the same people; therefore, the same team of consultants as before the merger will take care of your insurance.


Zavarovalnica Sava has established a robust and reliable governance system that includes:

  • Transparent organisational structure with precisely defined, transparent and consistent internal relations in terms of responsibility;
  • Effective information transfer system;
  • Efficient key management functions incorporated in the Insurance Company’s organisational structure and decision-making processes. Key management functions include risk management function, compliance monitoring function, internal audit function, and actuarial function;
  • Risk management strategy, written rules, processes and procedures;
  • Measures aimed at ensuring regular and continuous operations in compliance with the systems, resources and procedures, including the development of a crisis plan in our Company.

Taking into account the principle of proportionality, in addition to the basic Company’s functions, the governance system of Zavarovalnica Sava, its organisational structure and decision-making processes incorporate also the risk management function, the internal audit function, the actuarial function, and the compliance monitoring function, which are defined by the Insurance Act (ZZavar-1) as the key functions, and the committees appointed by the Company's management, if necessary.

The governance system in Zavarovalnica Sava is proportional to the nature, scope, and complexity of Company's operations.

Social responsibility

  • We take care and assume responsibility for people and the space where we live.
  • We create long-term relationships and a lasting value.
  • We are a member of Partnerstvo za nacionalno strategijo za družbeno odgovornost (Partnership for National Social Responsibility Strategy) and a co-founder of Mreža za družbeno odgovornost Slovenije (Network for Social Responsibility Slovenia).
  • We are committed to make social responsibility an important segment in all areas of operation, and an integral part of the relations we are building, in accordance with ISO 26000.
  • As an ambassador, by adopting Slovenske smernice korporativne integritete (Slovenian Corporate Integrity Guidelines), we have committed ourselves to respecting and strengthening corporate integrity in our operations, in line with the legislation and ethical standards as the fundamental principles of socially responsible operations in the Slovenian economy in general.
  • We encourage our employees to devote, within the Corporate Volunteering Day, at least one working day annually for socially responsible activities, helping those in need.

Insurance Code

Zavarovalnica Sava has adopted Zavarovalni kodeks (Insurance Code), which obliges the Insurance Company to operate in accordance with the Code’s provisions and base its operations on compliance with market principles, market competition on a loyal and fair basis, insurance economics, and business ethics, with the aim of providing customers with a high-quality insurance protection.

Corporate integrity

The Company has adopted Slovenske smernice korporativne integritete; thereby, we have publicly committed ourselves to respecting and strengthening corporate integrity in our operations, in line with the legislation and ethical standards as the fundamental principles of socially responsible operations in the Slovenian economy in general. Based on better business results, the adopted guidelines result in the following:

Respecting ethical principles

In line with its values, the Company’s Management Board adopted Etični kodeks (Code of Ethics) obliging us to responsible operations.


Networking with local communities and the environment where we operate is of key importance to us, and we are aware of the responsibility to pay back to the environment in which we work.

By deliberate and planned use of our sponsorship funds, we support some of larger, Slovenian-wide events and organisations, as well as smaller, local associations and their activities.

Collaboration activities enriching our presence:

  • Through a socially responsible project Predani korakom (Committed to Steps), we are raising public awareness of the importance of each and every step in life, and donating to people who cannot take steps for their own sake.

Employee-friendly Company

People are the heart of every company. In Zavarovalnica Sava, we believe that reconciliation of professional and family life is of utmost importance for the attainment of personal and professional goals in each employee; therefore, we proudly implement commitments of the full Family-Friendly Company Certificate.

We are the environment in which we live

In Zavarovalnica Sava, we firmly believe in networking; we implement it also through our philosophy „Never alone“, which we follow in the field of social responsibility. Diversification of our business network allows us to better perceive the needs and potentials in specific local environments.

One of the Zavarovalnica Sava's commitments is sustainability, as we are aware that this is the only way to make the world friendly to our descendants. We take into account the aspect of environmental sustainability in our operations and, through regular environmental projects, we encourage awareness of interdependence between a human and the natural environment.

We encourage employees to devote one working day annually to those who need their help. To this end, we work with various institutions and associations and their wards, we learn from each other, using also this way to become better and richer personalities.

We are aware that we cannot guarantee life without problems; however, we will strive for the society with less concern.


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